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Czech companies pay invoices two weeks after the due date

25. 7. 2014

Payment discipline of Czech companies in the second quarter of this year deteriorated again - the average time from the invoicing till the payment has increased to 75 days, which is 13 days after the agreed due date. This outcome comes from the official statistic of our company that monitors the payment discipline of companies on the long term term basis.

Construction companies pay to their suppliers more than a month after the due date, which is the worst result for the last 5 years

24. 7. 2014

This spring Czech companies and entrepreneurs in the construction sector paid their payables on average in 96 days, which is the longest period over the last 5 years. Our long-term analysis also shows that in the construction industry it is quite common to pay more than a month after the due date.

Payment discipline: the economy is recovering, the payment discipline improves

21. 10. 2013

Based on the analysis of ČSOB Factoring, the average due date (of trade receivables) decreased from 77 days in 2Q to 76 days in 3Q. After a relatively long period of time, this positive development shows a modest economic recovery in the Czech Republic.

Where does the factoring head for?

15. 10. 2013

Ing. Tomáš Morávek, CEO of ČSOB Factoring talks about trends in factoring since its introduction on the market, its current position, factors which influence him most and where it is heading for in the future.

Payment discipline

23. 1. 2013

Last year companies and entrepreneurs in the Czech Republic paid their payables on average in 75 days. It is four days later than in 2011, when the average maturity of invoices was 71 days. From our long-term monitoring of the payment discipline of companies this is the worst result over the last three years.

Factoring – financing and administration of receivables

1. 10. 2012

Ing. Tomáš Morávek, the Managing Director of ČSOB answered the most frequent questions relating to the.

Our industry will keep on growing for a couple of years in the CR

20. 9. 2012

About the payment discipline- its development, differences among countries and the correlation with the macroeconomic cycle.

Factoring is a good solution but surely not a panacea

17. 9. 2012

Every company has to analyze how to manage its cash-flows in a more effective way and how to collect its financial resources in the shortest possible time – and factoring may help in this.

Press release

29. 8. 2012

This year businesses expect to collect their receivables on average 4 days later than in the last year – which means within 75 days compared to 71 days in 2011. This fact results from the analysis of ČSOB Factoring. Due to the long-term monitoring of the payment discipline and its correlation with the economic cycle, the ČSOB Factoring Index was established – this Index currently indicates a further slight slow-down of the economy.

Comments on the statistics of the Association of factoring companies as at 31/12/2012

18. 4. 2012

Mr.Tomáš Morávek, Managing Director of ČSOB Factoring a.s. comments on the y/y developments on the factoring market.

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