Factoring advantages

Factoring becomes more and more popular since it offers many advantages in comparison to standard bank financing:

Factoring is flexible

  • Cooperation can be approved within five days after CSOB Factoring receives all requested documents.

  • Financing is ready for client use on the same day the claim is assigned to CSOB Factoring.

  • The amount of provided financing copies the growth of turnover or the growth of assigned claims volume.

  • The client draws financial means only in such amount he needs for given moment.

  • Communication with CSOB Factoring is very simple - our clients have an on-line access to all information concerning the co-operation via an application called FactorLink.

Factoring helps to control risk

  • CSOB Factoring checks and monitors credibility and payment morality of customers included into factoring co-operation by its client.

  • CSOB Factoring is usually able to prove improvement of payment morality of a customer after he is included into management of receivables.

  • CSOB Factoring takes care of collection of assigned claims. Based on an agreement with a client CSOB Factoring sends reminders on regular basis, maintains phone demands and can also offer out-of-court or court recovery of debts.

  • CSOB Factoring offers factoring services also on without recourse basis when it takes over the risk of non-payment up to 90 % of nominal value of assigned claims.

You can receive more money from CSOB Factoring than from a bank

  • We finance claims up to 90 % of nominal value incl. VAT and up to 90 days after maturity date.

  • CSOB Factoring is often able to provide more financing than a bank under the condition of a well-diversified portfolio of quality debtors.

  • In frame of long-term co-operation CSOB Factoring can also offer other financial solutions for its clients, e.g. financing of confirmed orders or financing of stock.

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