Factoring is completely transparent concerning fees. A client always pays only for services he uses thus the total cost responds to the real range of co-operation.

Hereby we list all fees you can meet with CSOB Factoring and also information how a particular fee is calculated:



We charge interest  from the balance of actually used advances on daily basis. Interest rates are usually on the same level as standard bank overdraft interest rates and are pegged to floating one-month reference interest rate of interbank market for individual currencies (most often PRIBOR for CZK and EURIBOR for EUR).


Factoring fee

Factoring fee is charged for services connected with management of receivables and bookkeeping of the ledger, e.g. dunning and other collection steps. Factoring fee depends on turnover in the frame of factoring co-operation.


Factoring fee is usually no higher than 1,4 % from the value of assigned claims in case yearly turnover is approx. CZK 20 mil. The fee rapidly slopes down with growing turnover and can be as low as 0,2 % of turnover.


Delcredere fee

This fee is charged only when providing without-recourse factoring. It is charged for all debtors when CSOB Factoring takes over the risk of non-payment. The fee is 0,3–0,5 % from nominal value of assigned claims.


CSOB Factoring determines a so-called credit limit for each debtor and then takes over the risk of non-payment of assigned claims up to this limit.


For credit limit we charge one-off fee in the range of CZK 500–1,300 according to the territory of the debtor. Subsequently a client pays a monthly monitoring fee in the range of CZK 110–240.


Fee for using FactorLink

There is a monthly flat fee of CZK 450 for using an electronic application FactorLink. The application enables a client to access on-line information concerning assigned claims, amount of advances available, etc.


We are ready to prepare a particular price offer within two days since we receive all documents necessary for its working-out.

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