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In this section you can find answers to frequently asked questions concerning factoring and other services of our company.


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Is factoring suitable for our company? How much money can we get and how much does it cost?

Question: I have no previous experience with factoring. How can I find out if factoring is suitable for our company?


In this case the best thing is to contact a person responsible for your region (see  Where can you find us in the CR). He can answer all your questions if you give him basic information about your company.

How long does it take to start the co-operation?

Question: When are you able to provide me some money?


We will announce you the result of our approval process within one week since we received all documents. In case the credit committee gives approval we can immediately sign the factoring contract and you can start to assign receivables. At the same time you have the right to draw the advances.

Isnۥt factoring too laborious and complicated?

Question: We are a trading company issuing more than 1000 invoices per month. Wonۥt factoring be too laborious and complicated for us?


Since we use a highly sophisticated system we have no problem to process any number of invoices per day. In case of higher number of invoices per day it is useful to make the process automatic and assign the invoices in electronic way in agreed format. Thus we can decrease the laboriousness and eliminate errors on both sides.

What will change for our customers?

Question: What does factoring mean for our customers?


Actually only one thing will change concerning your customers: the number of bank account where they are to send payments for assigned claims. The payments have to be exclusively directed at CSOB Factoring account.

What happens if a customer does not pay on time?

Question: What happens if a customer is delayed in payment?


In case of with-recourse factoring CSOB Factoring does not take over the risk of non-payment, but still takes care for collection and dunning. In frame of approved limits receivables are financed up to 90 days after maturity date. After this term receivables are not financed any more. Independently of this term collection and dunning steps are taken based on the agreement with you.

In case of without-recourse factoring CSOB Factoring takes over the risk of non-payment, client's participation is 10 – 15 %. It means that in an agreed period the client receives 85 – 90 % of nominal value of the claim regardless of the fact that the customer does not pay the claim.

How much would we pay for factoring?

Question: Isnۥt factoring too expensive?


We can answer YES and NO at the same time. 

Factoring transactions and management of receivables bring higher costs, on the other hand can bring higher benefits and savings for majority of companies.

YES answer

can be applied for a company in a very good financial situation with “unlimited” access to bank financing where management of receivables is not of concern. Such company would pay us interest for provided money as well as fee for management of receivables. Total costs for financing through factoring in this case might be higher in comparison to bank financing.

NO answer

can be applied for all companies that would fully use services and advantages of factoring: that means need to get financing in a fast and simple way to be able to further develop their businesses and at the same time need to solve problems in the area of management and collection of receivables. Factoring is not expensive for such companies; it brings significantly more benefits in comparison to total costs paid.


Price for money lending (interest) is fully comparable with bank overdraft financing, but CSOB Factoring is able to provide more financing facilities than a bank which in fact enables clients to grow faster, increase their turnover or realize projects bringing higher profits. Stronger liquidity helps clients to pay their payables to suppliers faster; this creates the possibility to reach bonuses, usually in higher amounts than factoring costs. In case you do not use the whole amount of financing, there is no stand-by fee with CSOB Factoring; further we charge no fee for contract documents.

Cost connected with management of receivables is fully compensated by improved payment morality (lower need of external financing – savings on interests) and the risk of non-payment is minimal.

What is the difference between factoring and a bank loan?

Question: What is the difference between factoring and a bank loan?


Basic differences you can see in the following table:

  • Providing of financing
  • Providing of financing
  • Management of receivables
  • Takeover of the risk of non-payment
Parameters of financing

Standard: 70 % of a claim up to due date, max. 40 % up to 30 days after maturity

Standard: 80 % of all claims up to 90 days after maturity

  • Interest rate
  • Contract documents fee
  • Stand-by fee on unused credit limit
  • Interest rate
  • Factoring fee

Standard bank approval process

Fast and simple approval process

Why to choose CSOB Factoring?

Question: I know that factoring solution would be very helpful for our firm. Why should I choose to start the cooperation with your company?


We are sure you know how to choose your business partners and you should use the same criteria for choosing your financial partners. Our company offers factoring solutions for more than 15 years, we are part of strong CSOB group and our market share is approx. 20 % in a long term. We have highly sophisticated IT system and a team of experienced staff at disposal. We are convinced that we can make an interesting offer to your company too – you choose your financial partner, the final decision is always yours.

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