Our clients

All kinds of clients use our services – small and medium enterprises as well as big corporate companies  that want to lower business risk, strenghten own liquidity and improve their competitiveness in a simple way.

The field of business does not matter. What matters is the quality of assigned claims (payment term up to 90 days, diversification among at least three customers, repetition of invoicing). It is not possible to finance claims towards related persons.


We offer factoring solutions starting from the yearly volume of assigned claims of CZK 20 mil. We have experience with providing factoring services to production as well as trade companies.


So far, CSOB Factoring has already found suitable solutions for more than 1 000 clients. We always look for individual approach; nevertheless some of the requests recur:

  • What to do when customers pay late
    Factoring helps companies that fight long real payment periods, which cause problems with payment of payables, financial planning and restricts their further growth.

  • How to finance seasonal fluctuations
    Factoring helps companies with fast growing turnover or companies trading highly seasonal products. In these cases banks are usually not fast enough to satisfy real needs of financing.

  • How to start new business when own financing is limited
    Factoring is suitable for companies with more risky profile or short history, but good business plan and quality customers.

  • How to improve payment morality of customers
    Factoring serves prosperous companies, which would like to outsource management of open claims and get an improvement of payment morality as well as cost savings. Outsourcing enables clients to spend more time doing business as the capacity is not taken by dunning of customers paying late.

  • How to avoid the risk of non-payment
    Factoring helps companies that are interested in eliminating the risk of non-payment of receivables, with no complications of evaluating credibility of its debtors.

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