Domestic with-recourse factoring

Domestic with-recourse factoring is the most common type of factoring in the Czech Republic and also the most often provided service of CSOB Factoring.

It is based on assignment of receivables towards domestic customers.


In case of cooperation with our company clients have the right to draw up to 90 % of nominal value of receivables (including VAT) on the same day when receivables are assigned.

Domestic with-recourse factoring means that a claim is not financed any more if it is not paid until 90 days after maturity and the risk of non-payment is undertaken by a client.


Recovery of such debts runs independently on this time period and takes into account an agreement between CSOB Factoring and a client with full respect to his business interests and customs of the field of business.


For detailed description of the factoring process see How factoring works.


Domestic with-recourse factoring is mainly used  by companies that have their customers in the Czech Republic and need flexible operational financing together with professional management of receivables.

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