Declaration of accessibility

This document includes an accessibility declaration for these web pages, description of used formats and contact for our web administrator.


These web pages focus on accessibility regulations, availability and access for disabled persons. They comply with all important accessibility rules as per Best practice - Regulations for the creation of accessible web prepared by the Ministry of Information Technology in the Czech Republic, the methodology  Blind Friendly Web (project of the United organization of purblind and blind) and methodology  Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


HTML 4.01 Transitional is used for describing all information on this web, CSS cascading is used for describing visual presentations. All pages can be displayed in text mode without any graphical control elements. JavaScript support is not necessary for the pages function.


All texts are defined in relative units and can be easily enlarged and reduced by means of standard tools of internet browsers.


Organization and control of the pages is designed in order to be accessible for alternative browsers and for persons with specific needs. All links are highlighted, with the exception for navigation texts, which are noticably separated from the content.


Information presented in other formats.

These web pages include links to documents accessible in other than hypertext form. The links leading to such documents are supplemented with information regarding the format and data size.


Documents can appear in the following formats:

  • PDF - Adobe Acrobat Reader browser is available for downloading free of charge.
  • DOC, XLS, PPT - Microsoft provides its Office products with free downloading of browsers.
  • RTF - can be displayed and edited by most text editors.
  • ZIP - some large documents can be comprised.


Contact for the web administrator

The creator of these web pages is iMagic, s.r.o. Your suggestions, comments, as well as possible discrepancies and problems occured when using our web pages can be sent to

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Declaration of accessibility